So you don't blog then?

13th April 2011
Apparently not it would seem but that's the question someone posed to me recently. To be perfectly honest I don't think I have an official blog page, blogging is something I don't really know much about. You'd think that someone who is passionate about their photography and who has, from time to time, dabbled with creative writing would spend time telling the world about his latest exploits. I did try and look into a separate blog as some photographers do but couldn't get my head round all the jargon I kept seeing, how to set the page up and link it to my regular website. And websites are not really something I know a lot about, I'm not a web designer or software expert, I'm a photographer. Yes, I use computers but familiarity with the technology I need to work with photographs is about all I'm really concerned with.
I take pictures, I set my camera to record the specific subject in front of me, compose the image and press the shutter release then load to RAW files to my hard drive. From there the I use Adobe Lightroom 3 to check the image for white balance, exposure, sharpness then make necessary adjustments along with any B&W conversions. Some spot healing and cropping may also take place before TIFF's are created and opened up in Photoshop Elements where layers are sometimes used to enhance the images slightly before being saved as final JPEG's. From there selected images find their way onto the web where they can be viewed either by my customers in a private gallery or by any passing surfers in my public galleries, on Facebook or Flickr, and that's it.
Maybe one day I might get the hang of this blogging lark (still don't know if this is a real blog or not) but for now I need some balance in my life. I have a young family who one day will grow up and will only need me when they really do need me, right now I want as much dad time as I can create. I also need me time and sitting at a computer is work, I need to relax and play. I started today with an hour on the bike, or at least planned an hour but somehow added forty minutes and an extra loop to my ride but that's O.K., I was in no rush to get back. When I did get home I felt I'd burned some energy but kept myself fit in doing so, I also felt mentally recharged. Beneficial to my success as a photographer, you bet. Lugging all that kit around and being able to think fast are important attributes. much better than blogging or, due to the way I feel I've blah blah blahed than maybe it should be a blahg.
Still don't know if this is a blog or not, you tell me. Email

You can wake up now, I've finished.

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