Privacy policy

From time to time we will need to collect personal data in order to complete bookings and sell products. We keep the data collected to a minimum necessary and never share this data with third party organisations without first obtaining permission.
When booking any services customers are asked to read and sign a contract. By doing so this gives us permission to use images for advertising and promotional purposes. We always respect a customers wishes and will not use any images they are not happy with.
When completing purchases customers may need to submit banking or credit card details. These are submitted to PayPal and customers should check with Paypal's own privacy policy if they are unsure of anything. PayPal supply us with customer names and addresses, these are used to send products to the customer using Royal Mail or any other trusted courier service.
Images taken at private or public events are displayed in dedicated galleries with access restricted by password. These passwords are shared only with those who would need to access these galleries and Michael Halliday Photography cannot accept responsibility for any further sharing of passwords.
Michael Halliday Photography will only ever collect the necessary data to provide goods and services to customers and we will do our best to securely destroy data when no longer required.

Any concerns about our privacy policy should be addressed to